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"As a manager, I have been blessed to work with Joe.  It is a pleasure knowing I can send my clients to someone who is so talented.  I have over the years sent all levels of actors to Joe. I've even sent someone who just wanted to boost her self confidence.  I remember her calling me to thank me for the recommendation. She told me how much Joe had changed her life.  Joe really knows how to create a safe environment so the magic of acting can happen.  Reacting!!!  Acting is reacting!!! There is no right or wrong, just different points of view.  I can't thank Joe enough for leading my actors in the right direction on their personal journeys to success.  Thanks Joe....."   -Korin Kaplan, Asylum Entertainment

“I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Joe years ago by an actress that I represented.  Over the years I have found Joe's approach with actors to be very unique and individualized.  Either one-on-one or in a class setting, Joe always gives each actor attention and encouragement that seems to be tailor made for them.  Joe has been able to take a good actor and help to have them realize their full potential in a relatively short period of time.  I truly believe that he has helped my actors get jobs that they might not have gotten without his insight and dedication.”   -John Pierce, The Group Management


"We've known Joe for a long time and have worked with him on a number of films.  Having Joe involved with your film is a joy and the glue that will hold everything together.  His talent is a great ability to listen to the project and the needs of the whole ensemble he works with.  Joe is both a great actor and an actor's director.  His work combines instinct for the truth of the scene with in-depth experience of how to communicate this instinct to his actors and directors.   He makes everyone's work shine. 
--Paul & Petra Ratner, New Spirit Cinema


“With a keen eye and unending patience, Joe saw the actor inside me and like a sculptor, he quickly pulled that vision into reality.  As an acting teacher, he is a master of the human condition, understanding all of our petty foibles and our most sacred aspirations with a compassion that allows the student to really see the role.  He sees our potential as human beings and teaches his students to free their true nature through acting.  Working with Joe Salazar has been one of the most perfect times of my life.”  -Janabai Amsden

“To take Joe’s class was a big personal step for me.  My writing and directing opportunities were increasing and I felt I needed to know what goes on in front of the camera from an actor’s perspective. Terrified, I forced myself to go to my first class and was amazed how Joe could read right through my fear.  In three weeks, I learned to tap into aspects of my personality that both scared and thrilled me. With his help and encouragement, I was able to see that facing and embracing one’s fear can bring limitless satisfaction. Joe is a unique acting teacher constantly supporting each actor but not afraid to give criticism where it’s needed.”   -Vejune J. Baltrusaitis

“Joe has a sense of adventure with acting that is truly unique and inspiring.  I have been both liberated and challenged in my short time studying with Joe and have learned much about how to push myself and think outside the box as an actor.  His keen eye for emotion and the human condition is most definitely a rare find.”   -Dawn Barber  

“Joe was my first acting coach.  If I had to use two words to describe him, they would be passionate and supportive.  If an actor is willing to do the work, Joe's investment in helping them realize their fullest potential is boundless and beyond generous. This man LOVES to teach.  He LOVES his students.  He LOVES his craft.  He LOVES life.  He always told me that if I stay honest and I stay connected, I can trust that the rest will take care of itself. Does it get any better than that?”   -Dardana Binaku

“Joe Salazar is my favorite acting coach and inspiration in the world of make believe.  If you want to be inspired, push yourself to your fullest potential, and find your drive to truly explore your creative abilities, you have come to the right place.  And more importantly you will have fun, lots of fun, and you always leave wanting to come back for more.  Joe is not only caring, generous, and nurturing but he also has immeasurable talent.  He takes you on a path to discovering yourself and learning to trust yourself and your decisions to allow you to stand out as an actor.”   -Camden Brady

"Thornton Wilder once said "the world is made up of Doers and Ooers".  Each of us aspiring actors hopes to become a Doer.  But how do we become an inspired Doer?  We find a great acting teacher and put ourselves into his hands.  Joe is that acting teacher.  Each class is designed to help every actor move forward on his or her path to becoming a Doer.  In just a few months I feel Joe has helped me to understand that I want to be an actor and what it is going to take to become one.  Through his humor, observation, instruction and training exercises I am finding a wonderful, fascinating new world which I can't wait to delve into each week with him as a friend and guide."  -Meredithe Brown

“From my first day of class with Joe, I had a feeling that this experience was going to be like no other...and he did not disappoint. He challenged me to not be afraid of what was uncomfortable, but to face it head on! He reminded me that although this can be a very scary adventure, it is an adventure nonetheless.  I know that I can count on Joe to keep it real…his character and integrity would not allow him to give us anything less than the truth.  Thank you Joe for the amazing adventure and the promise of more to come!”   
-Alexandra Carter-Thornton

“When I first started studying with Joe, I knew that I was learning from the funniest acting teacher in the world. His gifts for spontaneity and wild humor were infectious. He guided me to do the best comedic work I had ever done in my life.  As I continued studying with Joe, I knew that I was learning from the most profound teacher in the world. His gifts of compassion and love were infectious. He guided me to do the best, and most real, dramatic work I had ever done in my life.  As the weeks turned into months Joe taught me how to act with pride, with grace and gratitude.  If you are an actor who wants to be great, he is the teacher that will guide you toward your individual greatness. Joe won’t stop until you see, for yourself, that you have no limits.”   -Jon Clarkson  


"Working with Joe Salazar not only made me a better actor, it made me a better person. He taught me that the most important part of an actor is their heart. Joe has a rare gift to truly be able to transform actors because of his love and passion for not only acting but for people. Thanks Joe! You Rock!"   -Erin Clausen 

“When I arrived at Joe's studio to take acting classes, I had a lot of acting technique but lacked a clear sense of who I was as an actor, as an artist.  He taught me, through a very rigorous training program, how to see my particular talent and to take it seriously, and harness that to playing roles with passion and conviction.  I left Joe's studio a confident actor ready to utilize my skills into creating powerful performances... Joe went the extra mile with me, as he did with all his students.”   -James Patrick Coyle

“As a teacher Joe has a way of making you see your own potential and stretches your limits as an actor.  His gifts as a creatively rich director and teacher are always inspiring and makes you a better actor just by being around him.  His approach is subtle, intelligent, challenging and always rewarding.  He can open your creative mind to the possibilities of a character that you would not otherwise see. ”   -Alyson Croft


"I loved training with Joe because he always made me feel that he believed in me.  He was encouraging, positive and nurturing while giving me notes that helped me grow as an actor. I loved his passion and excitement for what he was doing - unlike the many "bitter and jaded" teachers in the industry. His positive energy always encouraged me in any choices I explored.  He has a natural gift at helping actors to be real and honest. He is one of a kind"   -Isabel Cueva [Alma Award Winner, CINE Golden Eagle winner]


“If having a rock sensibility means bringing freedom and fun to the set, Joe has it.  This man is a life lover.  Life above the surface and below the surface.  He's not someone you'll forget when the production wraps, the class ends, or you put his book down.  You'll be hooked on him.  You would be even if he was just your mailman or dentist.”   -Melissa Culverwell 

“What can I say about Joe Salazar? Joe is One of Kind, you'll never meet anyone like him!  When I moved to Los Angeles, I knew I had to find the right teacher and class for me to achieve my goals as an actor. When I met Joe, we immediately clicked! I never found a person who was so passionate about acting and helping his students succeed. When I was in his class, I felt free to go anywhere my imagination took me.  His dedication and hard work towards his students inspired me to believe in myself and that anything is possible.”   -Mike Davis



“Joe Salazar is an amazing acting teacher, but more importantly, he is an amazing person. After spending 5 minutes with Joe, you're not acting, you're believing.  His expertise in and love for acting knows no bounds, yet, his kind-hearted demeanor is what truly sets him apart. Joe will never utter a single negative comment to his actors and his teaching method is wholly nurturing. Moreover, Mr. Salazar does not punish an actor for their mistakes; for Joe, a mistake is an uplifting opportunity to learn and grow.  It is through this encouraging nature that Joe gives you the confidence and power necessary to bring you to the full potential of your natural talent. His extreme perceptiveness and fantastic instinct will pinpoint exactly what you need to become a better actor.  Joe sees and teaches acting as the study and appreciation of human nature and life in general, delving deep into the human condition, its motivation and into your own personality.”   -Arthur Diennet


 “Joe is a teacher who realizes that all actors work in different ways.  Without rigid methods or gimmicks, his techniques help actors make the right choices for the material, and the right choices for them as individuals.  Joe knows that the best work is done by performers who are prepared, relaxed, and of course, having fun!  His insights as a director and coach have helped me on countless auditions.”   -Jocelin Donahue


 “Joe Salazar is an incredibly nurturing and supportive acting teacher and coach.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him so early on in my career because he created such a safe, loving and supportive atmosphere in which to grow.  Joe loves actors, both as artists and as human beings, and he is dedicated to encouraging, challenging and inspiring his students night after night after night.”   -Tamara Downs


"I have known Joe Salazar for more than 13 years.  Joe's influence, guidance, and direction all have played a vital role in my growth as an artist.  As a teacher, Joe brings together an expert knowledge of the various acting techniques and uses them to create a cohesive and positive learning environment.  I also participated for several years in Joe Salazar's Playwrights Circle, and I benefited greatly from his notes and story analysis.  He's a superb writer who grasps the deepest portions of the soul, and who always creates three-dimensional, entertaining characters onstage."   -Matt Duggan



“Like the monologues he writes, Joe Salazar—the acting teacher—rocks!  His “3-D’s” (“Destination,” “Drive,” and “Don’t lock in”) are the basics for any acting performance.  His “2-W’s” (“Who is the actor speaking to?” and “What does the actor want from him?”) simplify the creative decision-making process into a manageable unit.  He pinpoints problems and offers creative solutions.  In short, he has given me the tools and the confidence to tackle any role.”   -Alan Ehrlich


 “I was lucky enough to have Joe as a teacher and it was a happy day when I walked through his door.  He is SUCH an inspiration - every week he brought out the best in each member of our diverse group.  Joe brought the joy of performing into focus, whether for camera or stage.”   -AnnaLisa Erickson


 “I learned so much from Joe Salazar about myself and the art of acting - but the thing I keep dearest is that I learned to love, feel and understand the characters that I used to think less of. That even the dying hooker in Tennessee Williams' Hello from Bertha’ had a dream and a heart full of hope.  I could write a book about my wonderful thoughts about Joe Salazar. He is fun, caring, kind, full of life, dedicated and just completely awesome!”   -Annika Ernulf


 “Joe's passion and commitment are so inspiring!  I will never forget his love and determination for teaching!"   -Lina Esco


“Everything Joe prepared me for about the acting business – including audition curve balls, politics on set, and more were all true.  I never ever would have joined or survived the Hollywood Actors Army without Joe’s boot camp!  He instilled in me bravery, confidence, a great bag of tricks/tools .  I'm a working actor with a constantly growing resume because of Joe Salazar.”   -Javier Estrella


“Joe has been one of my biggest inspirations. His scintillating spirit, his loyalty to his students and pure love for his art have made me a better actor. Because of Joe, I now know how to just let go and have fun.”   -Theresa Finamore


"Over the years, I've taken a number of acting classes and had several teachers. Yet Joe stands out as truly one of the best...if not THE best acting coach I've ever had. Doesn't matter, if you've been acting for 2 weeks or 40 years, studying with Joe will up your game. As a brilliant acting coach and a gifted writer and director, he's a triple threat.  A triple threat with a kind and nurturing heart."   -Roger Gutierrez [actor, writer, producer]


 “Since becoming a professional actor, I have studied with acting coaches the world round. Never has there been a more gifted, caring and devoted teacher than Joe Salazar.  An accomplished writer, Joe brings creative fun to his classes as he nudges his students ever forward to become the performers he knows they are destined to be.  Lucky are they who have the good fortune to learn from this splendid talent.”   -Debi Hall



"Joe helped me to overcome my biggest critic, myself.  As a result of my work in Joe's class, I learned to free myself both mentally and physically. I now unapologetically love and embrace who I am as an actor.  Joe taught me to be bold and to always create 'my world' every time I audition or perform."   -Sheylon Haywood


“It has been my utmost privilege to study under the great Joe Salazar.  Being a student of his for over two years has been a thrill.  Inspiring, enthusiastic, passionate, and caring are all words that describe Joe as an acting coach.  I can't imagine a teacher who is more invested in his student’s progress.   He pushed me to challenge myself in ways I could have never imagined. He does this by transforming into the director, casting agent, or producer and holds faux auditions that feel like the real thing.  Constantly telling us to "go get ‘em" and truly supporting us in our journey is why students of Joe's come back to class after months or even years on hiatus.”   -Ruthie Holmes 


“Joe taught me all aspects of the business in a loving, creative, and rich environment. I felt safe to try new things even if it meant failing, as with every failure I learned to become a more well-rounded actress.  Thank you Joe for giving so much of yourself to change the lives of working actors. YOU ROCK!!!”   -Christina Kirk 


“It is rare that you meet someone with the high level of understanding Joe has.  He knows writing. He knows good stories. He knows acting. He knows life. All of this knowledge makes for one powerful teacher.”   -Marolyn Krasner

"I came to Joe's class on recommendation from a friend after I mentioned some of the artistic roadblocks I was hitting in my previous acting school.  Joe was able to help me break through those walls from the very first class.  Joe is unlike most acting teachers that I've worked with.   Instead of being married to one technique or method, he really tailors his advice and critiques to the individual.  Having studied acting and myriad techniques for most of his life,  Joe has a plethora of tools to choose from and always seems to know how best to reach each student. Paramount, though, is his ability to create a constructive and supportive environment in which to learn;  something that seems all too rare here in LA."  -Michael Kripchak

“Joe Salazar is amazing!  When I came to LA, I went through several acting coaches who cared only about the paycheck and not about the craft.  I spent several months searching for someone who would improve my acting abilities and after my first class with Joe, I knew that I found that person.  In the time that I worked with Joe I improved greatly as an actor”.   
-Jeremiah LaBrue


“I had been out of classes for awhile because I thought I already "knew it all".   I met with Joe and he qualified me for his master class.  Immediately I was impressed by the manner in which he treated his students as equals who all had something special to offer.  Being a talented actor himself allows for Joe to truly understand the needs of his students.  His dynamic energy is very contagious and inspiring as well.  Joe has a way of helping actors get in touch with the emotional truth inside of them that relates to the role.  I began falling in love with all roles in a whole new way.  After a few wonderful years of taking Joe's remarkably fun and amazingly educational classes, I then had the distinct pleasure of being directed by him in numerous productions.  I will always attribute discovering the heart and the silliness of every role I play to the gold I acquired from Joe and I will always be a better actor because of it.”   -Promise LaMarco


 "PASSION! That is what Joe Salazar brings to the game and it has always had a contagious effect on me.  His passion has always made it exciting for me to come to his class and his intuition to fine tune a scene or performance has always helped me."   -Patrick Lazzara


 "Joe Salazar is one of the best teachers I've ever had!  He played a very significant part in my life as an actor.  Through his writing, and with his talent as an actor, director, teacher and human being, Joe magically contributed to the rebirth of my instrument and guided me safely into vulnerability, awareness and sensitivity towards the character’s lives I was supposed to embody. The time I spent studying with Joe was a very educational and fun adventure that I wish to all actors."   -Alexandra LeMosle


“Joe puts so much time, energy, and passion into his work with his students. His excitement and sincere love for what he does hit me like a tidal wave.  By the second class, I felt like a different person. My confidence was charging back through my body and I was not afraid to make a mistake.  I found that just as my acting was improving, so was my drive, confidence, and dedication to my career.  
The continuous support that accompanied Joe’s critiques and exceptionally demanding class exercises was the perfect blend that I needed to get back in the game and succeed.  From scenes, to mock auditions, to mock “on-set” days…’ll be STRETCHED mentally AND physically!  I can’t imagine being where I am today in my acting if it hadn’t been for Joe Salazar. I owe him so much and truly appreciate all he’s done for me."   
-Matthew Marshall


"Mr. Joe Salazar is not only my teacher, he is my friend. He not only teaches me about acting, but about life. He not only delights in my strengths but encourages me to keep striving forward. He rejoices in truth but does not keep records of wrongs. He trusts me in my ability and is patient yet firm. He is a rare mastermind with childlike zeal. His work and expertise are truly wonderful gifts  to the acting world!"   -Jair Massiah


“Joe Salazar's extraordinary capacity for clarity and articulation set him apart even among a very talented pool of teachers, writers, and directors in the Los Angeles area.  Joe's laser-like incisiveness, honest feedback, keen insights, and energetic enthusiasm make him a unique, invaluable resource and artist.  His eye for the most subtle nuances combined with his contagious passion for his art are a true gift that allow him to cut to the point in the most graceful, genuine manner.   -Sara McCabe  [writer/actor]


“I spent several years studying acting with Joe Salazar, and it stands out to me as one of the most gratifying and memorable times of my life.  In fact, the work we did together brought me a lot of insight about myself as a person, and has helped me move my life forward in many ways.  Joe is an amazing and unique talent.  His connection to his work and to his students is so real and intricate, it is a rare jewel.”   -Simone Moffatt


“I have never had an acting coach with a more deep rooted commitment to his students than Joe Salazar. His way of opening up actors is both thoughtful and caring...a rarity among teachers.  I found it incredible to witness the transformations which took place with each one of us.  With Joe’s guidance and support, I now actually look forward to auditions and go in feeling prepared and confident.”   -Michael Nicklin


“It has been both an honor and a privilege having Joe Salazar as my acting coach and friend for the last 15 years.  Joe is definitely, the most compassionate and caring man I have known thus far in Los Angeles. I was referred to Joe when I first came to Los Angeles to pursue my acting career.  I had been to many coaches and had taken MANY classes, when I was fortunate enough to have been led to Joe.  Joe truly has the ability to let the actor decide how to create and commit to a character, which ultimately helps the actor react.  Joe's patience, persistence and passion for his gift of teaching are truly from the heart, which transcends in his work.  Aside from being one of the greatest acting coaches I've personally had the experience of knowing and working with, I see Joe Salazar as a man of honor and integrity...Thank you Joe for everything..” -Cory Oliver   

“Joe taught me how to reveal to an audience all aspects of myself: the strong, the weak, the good, the horrible. Whatever you give, let it be heartfelt, because it’s about being human.  Learning how to commit to my choices is the greatest gift Joe has given me. Thank you Joe!”   -Art Parga 

 “Joe Salazar's approach to the acting profession is one I admire and am proud to be part of.  He makes me feel so comfortable and his feedback is worth its weight in gold.  He is smart, sensitive, funny, witty...the list goes on.  I would recommend Joe to anyone who is interested in acting or, for that matter, receiving insight into one's life.  He is a joy to work with and his honesty is profound.”   -April Paris


“I had the honor of being an acting student of Joe Salazar for many years.  Joe is a genuine human being who actually cares about his students.  He truly cared that I was a valuable individual with a unique voice.  With pointed and spot on critique Joe was able to find my trouble spots.  He gave me the ability to explore scene work and ultimately, my acting career, with a sense of playfulness and joy.  Los Angeles can be a daunting place to move to as a young actress.  The city can sometimes feel like it oozes with self serving "teachers" all too eager to take a new actor's money and give little in return. Joe's class provided a safe haven for authentic study and exploration.  Joe has made an indelible mark on the story of my life.  He is a rare beacon of positivity in an industry where negativity can often reign.”   -Ariane Price


“I recently arrived in LA with the wherewithal, style, and tenacity to make it in this town. What I didn't have was a mentor, a teacher, and an extremely wise man to help show me the ropes. Joe is all of those things. He makes this town and profession easier to understand. He is respectful, compassionate, and a great listener. His heart is big and that's what I believe makes him a wonderful teacher/actor/writer/director.”   
-Derek "D-Bone" Reckley


“From my first meeting with Joe I knew that he was different than most.  He has the courage to wear his heart on his sleeve.  When I think about Joe Salazar the first words that come to mind are passion and integrity.  In a world where so many are driven by money Joe is driven by passion.”   -Angela Roberts


"As an actress who has performed in 10 Broadway plays, countless tv shows and commercials, I can confidently say that any actor who studies with Mr. Salazar is lucky and truly blessed.   From California to New York and back, I have studied acting with the best teachers in this country.   Joe is the very best of the best!  He is totally professional and knowledgeable in all areas of acting. His passionate love for what he does is completely reflected in his enthusiasm, his encouragement and his ability to care for each and every student in his class. These are rare qualities in an acting teacher but what every hard working actor deserves."     -Adriane Rogers

“I do not exaggerate when I say that working with Joe Salazar changed my life.  I had the great fortune to meet Joe about two years after arriving in Los Angeles. My only regret is that I didn’t meet him sooner. His passion and skill for teaching, combined with an innate talent to guide an actor into conflating their uniqueness with any given character, helps one to quickly evolve as both an actor and a person.  Joe has the ability to help you reach into the depths of your psyche to shape your character work in deeply authentic ways.”  
-Ann Sammon

“Joe's passion, insight and extensive knowledge are unparalleled within the industry.  Armed with tremendous intuition, Joe teaches his students to see beyond the mere lines on the page and to the essence of each character.  He truly brings the best out of all of his students. He treats everyone as if they are the most important person in the room and in turn fosters the notion that everyone deserves the right to be heard. No matter if the student is new or a seasoned veteran, through Joe's guidance, they will learn the tools necessary to feel confident in all of their choices as an actor.”   -Adam Schram


“Joe has an understanding of people that transcends all boundaries.  He brings this love and fascination for people into every class with an unbelievable amount of energy and enthusiasm that is always focused on making us better actors.”  -Jessica Sims


“Joe Salazar is the best acting coach I have ever worked with.  He is one of the kindest, most inspiring, most ennobling men I have ever met. He taught me to have courage in my choices, to enjoy the work under any condition, to have faith in my ability and to take risks. Every lesson brought new and amazing discoveries. He taught me the best and most practically useful acting tools I have ever found, which served me in my approach to the business of acting as well as the work itself. He's a magnificent man who taught me not only to act with more passion, integrity and courage but also, through his example, to be a better, more loving human being.”   -Chloe Sirene

“Joe Salazar is an amazing and extremely gifted acting teacher who opened my entire world.  He has so much love and passion for the art of acting and it's contagious!  I was lost and unfocused as an actor.  After studying privately with Joe, my confidence soared to great heights!  I am now able to immerse myself into my characters and breathe life into them with confidence and focus.  Joe has instilled in me a profound confidence that I proudly wear with honor.”   -Loni Spelman

"Joe Salazar has been one of the biggest influences of my life. When I moved to Los Angeles in 1998, Joe welcomed me and helped me find my voice. Then he nurtured it until I was ready to take on the mountain that is Hollywood.   He coached me through things that college could not.  He gave me a voice of inspiration and a shoulder to lean on.  My acting journey will always be cherished because of the foundation he gave me. Thanks for the nest, Joe."  -Chase Sprague

“I had the privilege of being directed by Joe Salazar in a play.  It was truly a special experience from start to finish.  The 'process' by which Joe guided myself and the incredible actress I worked with was filled with such enthusiasm and child-like discovery at every step of the was like we were simply playing, as it should be.  And so totally fulfilling.  I look forward to working with him again!”   -Larry Sullivan



“Joe Salazar has been nothing short of a Godsend for me. Never before have  I felt so safe, supported and free in an acting class. Joe created an environment in which we actually felt encouraged to make asses of ourselves with no fear. Largely because of Joe, I've been able to return to the stage after 10+ years of doubting I ever could again. THANK YOU, JOE!”   -Jessica Tallmadge


 “I didn't really understand how to tap into the many layers of acting until I met Joe.  Doors were opened that I had no idea existed.  He was able to detect and bring out the emotions that were harder to get to.  Joe is an extremely kind, hard working acting coach that doesn't want to just teach you how to be an actor, but how to STAND OUT as an actor.  He gives you the tools to excel in this field, not just be a part of it.”   -Adam Ullberg 


“I sometimes wasn't sure if I was taught by a madman, a genius, a clown or a rock star!  Joe Salazar opened the world of the acting to me,  and I carry that world of his around with me as a reminder that you can always be more WILD, have more FUN, dig DEEPER, roll up your sleeves in mystery - and do that work of the creatively unlimited creatures that he taught us to be. I went to study acting with him but ended up discovering the powers of my own heart.”   -Aigi Vahing


 “Joe couldn’t be more supportive, enthusiastic, energetic, and full of spot-on suggestions for developing characters in strong, interesting ways. I can’t imagine anyone not appreciating his class and breathing a big sigh of relief in being there. This is not to say you won’t be challenged. You will be. But you will find you want to rise to the level of performance he asks of you.”   - Katharine VanDewark


“Joe is the end all, be all coach! His unconditional love and support for acting and his students is so rare, and so remarkable to work with.  I'm truly blessed to call myself one of his students. I started studying with Joe two years ago.  Gosh, I was such a lost, insecure, young girl when we first met.  But, through the "madness" of how he works, I've have grown into such a strong, confident, young woman beyond what I could dream of.  Because of his greatness, as a coach and a friend, he has changed my life forever!”   -Katie Watford


“Studying acting with Joe Salazar was a true highlight on my journey to becoming a working actor. His energy and spirit are inspirational, and motivated me to knock down the walls I'd placed in front of myself. Joe taught me to dig deep when breaking down a character, to find out what motivates them on a highly personal level, then bring that spirit to life. Not only creative and talented, Joe is one of the most positive, and coolest people I've ever known!”   -David Welborn


“I've seen Joe in action on the stage in front of a paying audience and in a theatre full of students and his enthusiasm for acting is unrivaled.  He understands that acting is an art that, just like life, can never really be perfected but can be eternally explored, and he is adept at providing actors with the tools necessary to continue that exploration in the most truthful way.  He's helped me to develop aspects of my own character that have allowed me to bring fictional characters to life with more confidence, sincerity, and vigor.”   -Andrew J. West


"Time flies when you're in Joe Salazar's acting class!  He has a true passion for bringing the absolute best out of his actors. His unique and fun style of teaching sets him far apart from other instructors in the field.  You can't help but feel admiration and respect for him."   -Blanca Wilterdink


“I learned during my time working with you that you are (1) an incredible person (2) an awesome teacher (3) a dynamic actor, and (4) a tremendous director.  Joe; you have such a compassion, love, and understanding of human nature and the human condition, and also are such a really funny, funny, guy!  All these attributes made studying with you a sheer joy.  That’s not to say that you weren’t tough as well – you perhaps are one of the toughest, acting teachers with whom I have ever worked.  You helped me to connect with the heart and soul of the creative work – and though that was sometimes tough, you did so with understanding, love, and empathy.”   -Mark A. Winn


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